MCKINSEY. WAY. Using the Techniques of the. World's Top Strategic Consultants to Help You and Your Business. ETHAN M. RASIEL. M C G RAW - H ILL. Arthur Brisbane was a run-of-the-mill newspaperman, no better and no worse than a he receives How To Sell Your Way. Read this book and learn how to do business “The McKinsey Way.”. Ethan M. Rasiel holds a degree in business administration and worked for McKinsey & Company from to McKinsey & Company is a worldwide-known consulting company that corporations hire for its problem.

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The book titled “The McKinsey Way” is an enjoyable and showers information for the readers who needs brief information on. Management Consulting and all. Recently I have been introduced to the worldwide consulting firm named McKinsey and have found out about a technique they use in problem solving or. "If more business books were as useful, concise, and just plain fun to read as THE MCKINSEY WAY, the business world would be a better place." --Julie Bick.

Do not rely on intuition , even in cases when you think you are familiar with the field.

Gather facts which create a sense of credibility. Collectively exhaustive means that the list of items which are covered address the issue.

Before you start resolving a problem, define an initial hypothesis. We know that this may sound backward, but if you do this, the hypothesis will give you a guideline for the problem.

Do not perceive this hypothesis as the final answer or the facts that you gathered as a final conclusion.


Instead, accept that there is a chance that your theory is not accurate, and try to prove its validity through the course of the research. Now, just because you think of an issue as a core one, it may not be a problem in reality.

Instead, do your homework and make a thorough analysis before you come up with an answer. Once you come up with a solution, make sure it is realistic. Your solution may be great, but if the business is unable to follow it and turn it into a reality because of a lack of resources, it is worthless.

Rasiel shares how an effective message is brief, thorough, and structured. Ethan Rasiel practices what he preaches as this book is less than pages, covers a broad range of topics relevant to consulting, and is well-structured. In this part of the book, the author shares how McKinsey and management consulting in general solutions are fact based, rigidly structured, and hypothesis driven.

Ethan Rasiel then continues to give an overview on how to develop an approach for each unique business problem. The McKinsey way of working to solve business problems. The McKinsey way of selling solutions.

Rasiel gives advice on making presentations, working with clients, and getting download-in from all necessary parts of an organization in this section. Surviving at McKinsey.

Life after McKinsey. In this brief section, the author shares significant lessons and memories from working at McKinsey.

Insights From The Book Structure, structure, structure.Evan B. See end of report for important definitions and disclosures.


Rasiel, provides a through-the-keyhole perspective on the way this worldwide consulting institution approaches--and solves--the myriad professional problems encountered by its high-powered clientele.

When Fortune corporations are stymied, it's the "McKinsey-ites" whom they call for help. We know that this may sound backward, but if you do this, the hypothesis will give you a guideline for the problem.

Life after McKinsey.

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