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Zafarnama Patshahi 10 Steek. by Pandit Giani Narain Singh Lahore Wale ( Author) Language: Punjabi Total Download: Share this Book. PDF | This book contains 26 essays on various Themes, Readers must know Punjabi language in Gurmukhi script to read its contents. Download PDF 12 MB Downloaded 52 times. Zafarnama Steek. Description, Written in exquisite Persian verse, the Zafarnama or 'Epistle of Script, Gurmukhi .

It is worth noting here about the physical state of Aurangzebs health and political state of his empire. From onwards till his death in , he was engaged in bitter military struggle against the Muslim rulers of Bijapur and Golconda States and the Marathas. Unable to achieve his military aims, he ultimately retired to Ahmednagar on 20 January , weak in body and mind He died there on 20 February At the old age of 90 when he was waiting for the summons of the Lord, he had realised the enormity of sins and crimes committed by him and his subordinates which is evident from the communications he sent to his sons during his last days.

This third letter to Guru Ji must have been in response to that realisation. He should not say something with his mouth and have something else in his stomach. If you are truthful, you will yourself come here in the spirit of friendship.

This offer of Aurangzeb that might have been conveyed to Guru Ji by the Kazi verse 56 can be seen in two contexts.

One it could be a ploy to capture Guru Ji by deceit; Guru Ji has categorically rejected the idea of visiting Aurangzeb vide verse Secondly it could be due to political considerations since Guru Ji, after moving back to Anandpur, would have remained militarily engaged with Hill Rajas who were showing signs of independence from the Mughal rule thus mutually weakening them selves.

In the absence of Guru Ji, the Hill Chiefs could become a formidable force. Some translations have totally different meanings of this verse. However this translation suffers from the infirmity that the opeing word YAK-Ehas not been taken into consideration. Still some have translated this verse as if Guru Ji is telling Aurangzeb that he Guru Ji has a rare horse in his collection of horses which he will let loose a la Ashwamedha Yag of Hindu god Ram and dared Auragzeb to catch it so that he Guru JI could engage with him in battle again.

But strange is your justice and strange are your attributes. And your lordship?

What a pity! It is pitiable hundreds of times.

Zafarnama by Guru Gobind Singh Ji (Gurmukhi,Persian,English Meanings)

Remember, the heavenly sword will also fall upon you for your blood: Beware and have fear of the Almighty for He is free from want and does not need any flattery. He is the emperor of the universe and true sovereign: He is the creator of all men to whom He provides shelter. He is protector of the meek and destroyer of the non- believers: He does not need any self-praise from any quarter nor does He need any material things.

He is the guide who leads: You should now fulfil all that you have said earlier in a befitting manner Guru Ji has again reminded Aurangzeb about his promise of meeting him Guru Ji as already stated in verse You have made the conflagration brighter and more furious.

This good act on your part will be like worshipping of the Lord; an act which is superior to life itself s: He even does not want you with all your wealth and riches: Neither I will take the way that leads to your court. He is a good swordsman and an agile horse rider.

He is the provider of all the necessities of the people and lords over the world with his military might. He is bountiful in distributing the riches of his kingdom.

Table of contents

In war he is like a mountain. He has the attributes of angels and his splendour matches the Pleiades seven sisters in the constellation Taurus. He is the lord of the world and has all the riches. But he is far from the teachings of his religion. They are idol worshipers and I am engaged in defeating the very concept of idol worship.

It is not correct to translatebut shikastas an idol breaker as has been done in some translations. This will give the impression that Guru Ji had in fact broken idols; this is not borne by history for nowhere it has been recorded that Guru Ji had ever done this.


However it is true that he was against idol worship. When it sets itself after some one, it inflicts injury and does harm to him. His reach is such that He can get ten lac annihilated by only one.

It is your duty and a binding on you to do as bidden in writing. I have received your letter and the message, do, whatever is required to be done.

One should act on his words; the speech and action should correspond. I agree with the words conveyed by the Qazi, but if you promise to come on the right path. If you want to see the letter containing oaths, I can send you the same immediatedly.

If you come yourself in village Kangar, we can meet each other. Do not bring in your mind the danger of coming there; because the Brar community acts according to my orders. We can talk to each other in this way; kindly come so that we may have direct talk. Your saying that I may bring for you a very fine steed of one thousand rupees and get this area as a feoff jagir from you, you may keep this thing in your mind. I am the man of the Sovereign of Sovereign and His slave; if He permits me, then I shall present myself there.

If He permits me, then I shall be present there in person. If you worship One Lord, you will not cause any delay in this work of mine. You should recognize the Lord, so that you may not talk ill or cause injury to anybody.

You are the Sovereign of the world and you sit on the throne, but I wonder at your ill acts of injustice.

I wonder at your acts of piety and justice; I feel sorry at your sovereignty. I wonder very much regarding your faith; anything said against truth brings downfall.

Do not be rash in striking your sword on helpless, otherwise the Providence will shed your blood. Do not be careless, recognize the Lord, who is averse to greed and flattery.

He, the Sovereign of Sovereigns, fears none; He is the Master of the earth and heavens. He, the True Lord, is the Master of both the worlds; He is the Creator of all the creatures of the universe. He is the Presever of all, from ant to elephant; He gives strength to the helpless and destroys the careless. He is Unassailable and Unparalleled; He shows the path as a Guide. You are strained by the oath of the Quran, therefore, fulfil the promise made by you.

It is appropriate for you to become sane and do your task with severity. What, if you have killed my four sons, the hooded cobra still sits coiled up. What type of bravery it is to extinguish the speak of fire and fan the flames. Listen to this well-said quotation of Firdausi : "The hasty action is the work o Satan".

I have also come from the abode of Your Lord, who will be the witness on the day of Judgement. If you prepare yourself for the good action, the Lord will give you an apt reward.

If you forget this task of Juustice, the Lord will forget you. The righteous has to tread the path of truth and virtue, but it is still better to recognize the Lord. I do not believe that man recognizes the Lord, who injures the sentiments of others through his action.

The Ture and Merciful Lord does not love you, though you have unaccountable wealth. Even if you swear a hundred times by the Quran, I shall never trust you. I cannot come to you and am not prepared to tread your path of oaths; I shall go, wherever my Lord will ask me to go. This conflict often turned violent as Sikhs became organised as a distinct socio-religious group with a fighting capacity to defend their stronghold of Anandpur against sporadic attacks from the neigbouring hill rajahs.

On the other hand, although it seems that Sikhs did not challenge the security of the state, the reigning Emperor Aurangzeb nevertheless felt threatened by their martial prowess, egged on by rajahs and maharajas that saw the Sikhs as enemies of their religion.

Zafarnama (Gurmukhi,Punjabi Meanings)

The Mughal-Sikh relations had been poisoned before when Aurangzeb, then new to the throne, beheaded Guru Tegh Bahadur, the father of Guru Gobind, for, inter alia, siding with Prince Dara Shikoh in the wars of succession. Things came to a head with the siege of Sikh stronghold Anandpur in When supplies bled out Guru Gobind Singh received a message from the Emperor in the form of an oath sworn on the Quran promising him safe passage along with his family if he surrendered peacefully.

The Guru, faced with the impending starvation of his community, agreed. The Guru, however, escaped to safety.

A year later he received a conciliatory message from Aurangzeb inviting him to put an end to hostilities in return for security and friendship. The Guru replied with a poem that was to stand testament to his unbending will and indomitable spirit.At the old age of 90 when he was waiting for the summons of the Lord, he had realised the enormity of sins and crimes committed by him and his subordinates which is evident from the communications he sent to his sons during his last days.

Find sources: Chamkaur by vacating Anandgarh on the false oaths of Aurangzeb and his men. He is merciful and grants all the pleasures of the heavens. T[j ehVh s'I b? According to some. I have no trust in your oaths anymore. Remember, the heavenly sword will also fall upon you for your blood: He is protector of the meek and destroyer of the non- believers: He is provider of our sustenance and charms everyone.

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